Top 5 Personalized Home Decor Ideas

Top 5 Personalized Home Decor Ideas

It is said that a home is a place where love, hope, and dreams are born. There is no better feeling than getting back to one’s home after a tiring day. Because it is a place where all the good moments and memories are cherished. And, who wouldn't want their dream space to be beautiful? Home decor is one of the best expenditures a homeowner can make for the same. We believe that by mixing the right aesthetics and decor, any home can be turned dreamy. Because there are a lot of decor ideas available online, choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. Here are a few decorating ideas to help you make your house feel like a home.

Add a touch of personalization

It's common to find inspiration in the imaginative concepts presented in high-end fashion publications and by a few pre-eminent interior designers. But have you ever considered the fact that, when it comes to your house, you might be a better style authority than anybody else. We should always consider how we want to feel when we are at home. Personalized designs are the best way to express yourself. Because it reflects your particular style as a house-owner, personalized decor is a trend to embrace today and always. 

Don't pass on this home decor trend because personalized places are more meaningful as they reflect your personality. What makes it a cherry on top is that you can do so without spending too much money. 


Start off with a personalized name board

As an old saying goes, "A home isn't made up of walls and cement; it’s made up of people living inside it." A nameplate is not essentially a must-have item in a home. However, it is something that people will associate with your house when they think about it. Picloon offers beautiful, customized name boards with a plant, which will add up to be a perfect addition to your home decor. What makes this name board from Picloon special is that it is carved in wood. So, What are you waiting for? Get your hands on these customized name boards right away. 

Give a twist to your photo frames

Forget your regular photo frames! It is so passé and plain. Upgrade your regular photo frames to customized photo frames of your choice. With your photo and a favorite quote, engrave your images in wooden frames from Picloon that can be used as home decor.

Add a hint of green in your home decor 

Plants, in general, light up the space that you live in. It gives off a revitalizing vibe by elevating the atmosphere and setting of your home. Go and get yourself some wonderful indoor plants to match your home's decor. However you are going to require some vases for your indoor plants. Do not end up purchasing the regular plastic pots for your plants, as they don’t do any good for our surroundings. Instead, get wooden plant vases from Picloon that are elegant and beautiful. 

Wall clocks with aesthetics

Wall clocks are an essential piece of wall decor in any household. Picloon has some amazing personalized wall clock options where your favorite photos and quotes can be engraved onto the wooden clock. Additionally, Picloon offers a stunning letter-cut clock that can be customized and utilized as the ideal piece of wall art.

Light it up with Night lamps

Light up your living space with customized, photo engraved night lamps from Picloon. The piece that is made out of high-quality Acrylic and Rub wood is a perfect addition to your home decor collections.

With Picloon, you can now create personalized interior designs for your dream home that reflect your ideas and personality.

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