Everyone likes gifts. Everyone wants to gift. And everyone loves to receive & give something people will love. But no one knows what that is. And thus, everyone is always ever confused about what to gift. And Picloon is a brand all about any and every gifting needs.

Picloon, the coinage comes from the words ‘pic’ as in ‘picture’ from the customization aspect, and ‘loon’ from a water bird by the same name, which further comes from the word ‘looney’ that means ‘funny or crazy’.

A brand that truly represents ‘gifting’ should be in context to all profiles, all kinds of gifts that are generic and personalized across all geographies.



Picloon Store

Picloon has introduced its first-of-a-kind retail store in Hilite Mall in Calicut, Kerala, for gift lovers to experience the products before they buy or order online. Anyone can place their customized gift orders there, and it will be delivered to their preferred address, or it will be available to pick up from the store.